I Am David Brothers Dot Com and I have:
-a now-defunct comics blog, 4thletter!.
-an idle thoughts tumblr that updates erratically
-spent a lot of time tweeting about rap music and the black condition @hermanos.
-been taking pictures of whatever catches my eye on instagram.

I Am David Brothers, dot com, and:
-I have a newsletter called (me + you) that updates irregularly with whatever's on my mind.
-I debuted the complete podcast project The Way We Move in 2017, exploring the way we live our lives despite everything.
-I write fiction or personal essays, though I haven't put up new posts in a while.
-I've also been published by Publisher's Weekly, ComicsAlliance, ">The Atlantic, Kotaku (a few different times, Wired, GamesRadar, Hardcore Gamer Magazine, Marvel Comics, Archaia, Playboy, and Bleeding Cool has ripped me off at least once.

I am David Brothers--dot com!--and I:
-live in Portland, but miss Oakland.
-worked in the video game industry from 2003-2013, beginning as a journalist and eventually transitioning to production/marketing in 2006.
-don't write about comics any more.
-currently work in the comic book industry.

I am David Brothers and:
-the name's ironic, and the swagger's laconic.
-you can listen to me interview six fantastic people as part of The Way We Move, a podcast project about how we live our lives.
-I'm not as mean as they say I am.
-you can email me at 4thletter@gmail if you'd like to talk to me.